Sensory Bin Attempt #1

Earlier today when the husband was getting ready for work he mentioned wanting to take the car so he could avoid riding his motorcycle in the rain. That wasn’t a big deal for me, but the kids are used to getting out and getting to play something special at the Y or simply at a fun event. Due to the weather being iffy most of the day and the car being gone we were left with minimal options for activities that weren’t “the usual”. I’ve heard a lot of good things about sensory bins so I decided to try making a very simple one out of dyed pasta or rice. Lelegirl chose rice to play with first and she did great. So when Lindosan woke up from his nap I decided to let them both play for a bit and see what he thought as well. He loved it! The only thing I wish I could’ve changed was 4 batches of my dyed rice weren’t dry in time for them to play with them all so the amount of rice was a little scarcer than I would’ve liked.

Today was a crafty day for me overall as I made play dough, dyed rice, and dyed spaghetti back to back just because I could. I wish I could take credit for figuring out how to make them all at home but only 1 came to me naturally. :)

The only other big news we got today is Lele has an occupational therapist now – we have our first appointment on Tuesday, 16 October. So keep your fingers crossed that they click and are a good match for one another!

I hope you’ll enjoy a few photos of the kids playing – they truly enjoyed the activity and I plan on bringing it back out regularly. And to answer the question on most mother’s minds: yes, they made a big mess. But it only took about 5 minutes to vacuum up the rice & if we had better weather I would’ve let them play on the back patio and avoided cleaning up entirely! ;)

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